Application DevelopmentApplication Development

38pages produces applications in a scheduled release environment using agile development methodologies. Less our technical jargon, we make awesome apps in a timely manner. We talk with your team, find out what you need, and start solving problems. With this approach, we’re capable of working on projects as small as a task management application or as complex as a business management system with integrated payment processing and inventory management. You can count on us to release apps on time – with top-notch results.

Ecommerce Development

Our extensive experience in ecommerce and online payment processing is your advantage. We’ll identify your business’ needs and set you up with the ecommerce solution that’s right for you. Whether it’s a sales focused shopping cart, a highly customized daily deal website, or a recurring membership app with a customer portal, we’ll find – and create – the smartest way for you to bring in the cash.

Systems Integration

Managing several information systems costs too much time, money, and headache. We’ll save you all three by integrating your systems into one sleek, smart, digital solution. You can have a solution which allows you to keep tabs on your email while collaborating with others on that big proposal and scheduling that big meeting in your calender. We’ve mashed together all kinds of systems: financial, CRM, inventory, point of sale, collaborative, and others. Let us simplify yours!

Mobile App Development

A mobile app can do a world of good, from data entry to social networking. We’ll make the mobile app your business needs, be it for engaging customers with exclusive content, connecting your internal systems to sales reps on the road, or anything in between. Did we mention we can make sure it will work on anything? Well we can whether iOS iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, and even be HTML5 driven – which means any device.

Google Apps Authorized ResellerGoogle Apps

Stop using self hosted POP3 mail servers, spam-filled inboxes, out-of-sync email devices, paper calendars, and address books. Put it all in the cloud! Google Apps is the best way for any small business to communicate in the digital world, hands-down. 38pages has migrated over 3,000 users from archaic email, calendar, and collaboration systems to Google Apps. Our CEO Wes Thompson and CTO Ryan Schumacher have sat in on road map sessions, Q&A meetings, and user group forums at Google’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. We know Google Apps inside and out, and we make it easy for your organization to start using Google Apps for business.