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There was a time (a while back) that I looked and look for a good SEO management tool. I was tired of hopping across free resources only to have my data scattered all over the internet in a very unorganized fashion. I was willing to pay, however I didn’t have the “agency” budget to throw thousands of dollars at a solution. Then (by the grace of God) I stumbled upon SEOmoz. At the time, they had many of the right free resources I needed, yet all in one place! Not to mention great educational resources for SEO.

Here is a quick preview of the top ways I use SEOmoz’s PRO Account tools to manage my SEO campaigns

  1. Website Crawl Diagnostics – Provides insight into On Page issues that could negatively affect my search engine rankings. Length of title tag, length of meta description, number of links on page, missing elements…
    seomoz crawl tools
  2. Keyword Rank Tracking – This allows me to view all my keywords, their curent rank in the major search engines, as well as keyword competitive analysis.
    seomoz keyword rank tracking
  3. Organic Search Traffic Data – This gives me the ability to see how my organic search campaign is growing on a weekly and monthly basis. It requires that you hook your SEOmoz PRO campaign to your websites Google Analytics profile, however it is very easy to do and very helpful.
    seomoz organic traffic
  4. Reports – Exporting reports to PDF or CSV allows me to quickly and easily show my clients the results their campaigns are achieving.
    seomoz export reports

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